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Upgrade over the phone to get the best deal. If you have been a good customer and made payments on time, you have a good chance of getting a discount. T-Mobile corporate store reps cannot discount the upgrade price at all in store.

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Go in during a off-peak time if you want an honest opinion or to chat about the phones. There is nothing worse for us than to get an hour-long upgrade on a Saturday and watch as our coworkers are getting new lines and getting paid. Immediately call into customer care and ask to have your phone unlocked.

Unlocking your phone allows your phone to be used with any GSM carrier Cingular is the only other national US carrier. T-mobile will unlock your phone for free at anytime during or after you contract. Once you unlock your phone, you can now use a cingular sim card or any sim card in the world.

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Whether or not you plan on traveling, you have still increased the resell value of your phone by quite a bit. Would you like to confess to the Consumerist? Do you work at Alltel or US Cellular? Best Buy? Office Max? United Airlines? Do you have a job?

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We want to hear your confessions. Heal with us. Most reps have the ability to give away accessories for free without checking with their managers. The prices of accessories are what they are. Although, activation fees are waived pretty regularly in my market. Go to Walmart and buy a T-Mobile prepaid phone.

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This is completely false. TMO will unlock a phone at your request, but you must have continuous service with us for at least 90 days, be an active customer not suspended or canceled and in good standing. By Meg Marco. Are you able to recommend the best prepaid SIM providers in Canada? Many thanks. You can find our article on Canada here. We are doing a road trip around Co, Wy, Ut and SD so will be in some quite isolated spots, therefore I need access to my gadgets!

I did a road trip from Denver to Seattle through some pretty isolated spots a few years ago, and was able to find Wi-fi anywhere I needed it. It really depends where you are.

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Both the phones and the network have changed since then. Dave thank you so much!! Your article was a God sent as I have a teenage boy and he is going away to the USA to school and I tried looking over a bunch of phone options and that was becoming a very wearisome so I decided to check for just switching the sim card to the country you are in old school and found your article. Did you see a price hike for Data sim cards lately? Headed to US for a two week road-trip and plan to be in some remote areas as well as cities.

So why should you opt for a SIM only contract?

Stay connected with a single-line plan and get talk, text, and data only when you need them. Devices and SIM cards need to be activated on a plan before use. for T-Mobile ONE Prepaid and Simply Prepaid Unlimited; buy and turn on. The SIM card is your device's ticket to the T-Mobile network! On this page: About SIM cards Buy a SIM card Change or activate a SIM card SIM card.

This will help a lot in reducing my time to get started once I land. Thank you for the wonderful site. I am arriving Seattle International Airport next week. Would be great to have a local number and internet to use when landed.

Could you advise whether there are any kiosk in SF airport to purchase SIM for both calls, text and data. Also which is the best operator for SIM? As I will be using mainly datas with few calls, please advise the best package to purchase. In terms of what to buy, please use the information in the article to make your decision about that. Hello, i will be in New York for 1 week in december for the christmas. Can you recommend me a simcard for just one week. What do i need to pay attention to. I will be making calls in USA and maybe on the street send an app.

The rest i will do in my hotel room. What do you recmmend? He only uses it when connected to wi fi and to listen to music. I know absolutely nothing about cell phones! I believe it has a micro sim. What should we do? Thank you for any advice!

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Hi Jackie, You can find our recommendations for the best smartphones in various price ranges here. Hello, I would like to let you know that most supermarkets, chains stores electronic and pharmacies and even convienence stores sell prepaid sim card kits and refill cards now. Prices vary by location.

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One does not have to go to the Carrier store to get one. The sim card kit will come with instructions on how to activate it as well very easy. The current pricing plan is as follows. If not, the account will be terminated and your phone number be lost. The 30 dollar option will be fine for my calling needs. Hi Ryan, The article and links are very good. Can you update me on any changes or suggestions for a three week visit to the US — prepaid sim? We used ZipSim last year — and like many products has its strengths and weakness. Would you suggest KnowRoaming over ZipSim or is there a better sim on the market now?

Nice to see T-Mobile making things a little easier for travelers! I just want to suggest to look at H2O Wireless. I really enjoyed your post, since I was completely confused on my options for a cheap SIM deal. So paying 30 dollars a month was not something I was looking forward to.

Does anyone have experience with this? Is it really as cheap as they make it appear? Cell service is more expensive in the US than many countries in Europe, unfortunately, due to lack of real competition. So you can buy any compatible phone and pick a plan that works. Verizon has by far the best coverage in remote areas, better than ATT,in my ho. They have monthly plans that are no better than Verizon itself. I mention this because somes Verizon connectivity is the only thing that works. Otherwise, googling alternative prepaid, brings stuff like Consumer Cellular and others.

Most travelers looking to use a prepaid SIM in the US will want to use their existing phone, not buy a new one just for that trip. Appreciate your help. Best regards. Hey We are going to America for 2 weeks. We have a Huawei Esa mifi all working on 3g there. And want data sim of about 10 gb where thetering is allowed naturally.

Is it better to buy in the usa or through the internet at home Three, Usasim, Prepaidzero, etc.

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I will be in NY for 10 days and was planning to buy a data sim card for this device so I can use it as a hotspot for all my devices. Hi Dave, my son is coming out to work on a crusie ship, Rehearsing in LA and then flying out to Vancover where the ship will tour around north and south Alaska for around 2. He is planning to buy an unlocked phone in the UK and get a sim when he arrives in LA..

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Most recent plans Most recent plans. Back Argentina Bolivia Brazil Colombia. Warranty plan Walmart Protection Plans. General: Not all phones or features available on all service plans. This is through a combination of 3G and 4G coverage their 2G network closed down in January

Many thanks for any advice.. Most major US carriers have free or relatively affordable roaming in Canada and Mexico, and less so elsewhere. As I mentioned in an earlier comment, though, I have no personal experience with that company. We have 2 sons, so we like to know what the best options will be. I want my kids to be able to call us, and of course call them, and we like to have some data to surf and use maps. We all have iPhones and iPad.

If we buy sims, can we use them in different states? Hello sir i am in usa right now planning to goto india dor few months can you please tell me which sim card is best for me I am only using text messages service send and receive I need cheap unlimited sms plan with international roaming.