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Looking for Canon promos and deals? Aug 14, Top Gunsmiths. Hunting season is right around the corner. Enjoy immediate savings when you purchase products in the Instant Rebate section. I find the customer service to be exceptional. The MONARCH 3 with Custom XR Turret allows you to custom match the ranges inscribed on the elevation dial to the specific ballistics of your caliber bullet weight bullet type and environmental conditions.

From Tech for Less. From Pictureline. The company — headquartered in Tokyo, Japan — is part of the Mitsubishi Group, and is known primarily for its superior, high-quality cameras.

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I can remember growing up with older brothers who loved to hunt and loved to teach me everything they knew. The first thing they taught me was to be safe. Not all hunters are as safe as they can be. States know this so now every state requires a hunting safety course which includes gun safety.

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Most beginner hunters come from hunting families, like mine. They will have a Dad or older brothers show them the ropes. This is not always true. Some hunters acquire their desire to hunt even while other family members may not have the same desire.

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Sometimes people acquire the desire to hunt later in life, as an adult. They have to go through the learning process, just like the youngsters. This program provides a fun environment for kids, under 18, to improve hunting, marksmanship, and gun safety skills.

This course builds on what is learned in a basic hunting safety course that the state requires. You can find out more information through their website. Some people may start their new shooters, especially children, with a bb gun. Nothing fancy, just something that will get them used to the mechanics of loading, cocking, aiming, and firing. This is true for youngsters, women, and even adult men who are beginners. Too much recoil can scare youngsters or women, and can cause flinching, even in adult males.

If you decide to get a shotgun, a 20 gauge is ideal for most beginners. Many manufacturers offer women or youth models. If you are starting with a small child, there are recoil absorbing devices out there to help them learn confidence in their marksmanship skills while getting used to the feel of shooting a rifle. The most popular small game to hunt, at least in North America, is squirrel and rabbit. If you pick a good spot to hunt, you can be pretty sure to get a few rabbits.

Because of this success, rabbit hunting is a great way to introduce youngsters and adult beginners to the sport. It can be as simple as walking along a creek with a slingshot or as well planned out as deciding who will hunt where, having a pack of beagles and specialized hunting equipment.

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When hunting rabbits with a. The best place for a headshot is behind the eye or between the ears. This lends to instant death so there is no suffering for the rabbit. Hunting squirrel is another way for beginners and youngsters to get a good start at hunting. It may seem simple to hunt for a squirrel, but they move quite a bit, and quite quickly so there is a challenge in the sport. The small size prevents overkill and destroying a lot of meat.

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A scoped. As you are hunting for squirrels, listen for the grinding noise they make as they are chewing on tree bark or nuts. Shooting a squirrel in a tree means shooting up so you want to make sure you take safe shots.

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You want to aim so that the bullet hits the tree if you miss. Aiming for the head will kill the squirrel in one shot. As with rabbits, it will lessen any suffering and will preserve meat.