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Lloyds Bank 2 year fixed remortgage. Maximum LTV. Initial rate. Subsequent rate SVR. Overall cost for comparison. More information on this mortgage Less information on this mortgage. Halifax 2 year fixed for first time buyers. First Direct 2 year fixed.

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Banks are battling for your cash with many increasing their interest rates in a bid to move up the best-buy tables. A savings account is basically just a place to dunk cash in to earn interest and save for the future. Some accounts are variable rates with easy access while others. Get the best regular savings accounts by ignoring normal best buy tables - you Top Savings Accounts: Find the best-buy easy-access and fixed-rate deals.

Additional information. Yorkshire Building Society 2 year fixed stepped. The initial rate will be followed by a rate of 4. Early repayment charge If you pay all or part of your mortgage early you will be charged: - 2. Clydesdale Bank 2 year fixed cashback mortgage. Yorkshire Building Society 5 year fixed. Halifax 5 year fixed.

Halifax 5 year fixed for first time buyers. First Direct 5 year fixed. Clydesdale Bank 2 year fixed.

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Yorkshire Bank 2 year fixed cashback mortgage. Yorkshire Building Society 2 year fixed stepped offset. Early repayment charge If you pay all of your mortgage early you will be charged: - 2. Clydesdale Bank 2 year fixed cashback remortgage. Yorkshire Bank 2 year fixed cashback remortgage. Yorkshire Building Society 2 year fixed stepped cashback remortgage. Yorkshire Building Society 3 year fixed stepped.

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Reservation Form Contact Luxe Hotels within 24 hours of booking your room by completing the required information in the form below:. Only one claim can be submitted per person, per email address per calendar month; any claims submitted in excess of this limit will be deemed void and not considered. We don't sell your personal information, in fact you can use our site without giving it to us. This comparison includes every mortgage you can currently get in the UK. You can understand more and change your cookies preferences here. You will need to budget for your holiday to make sure you don't run out of money before the end.

Clydesdale Bank 5 year fixed cashback mortgage. Overall representative example. The overall cost of comparison 3. Initial rate 2. Subsequent rate SVR 4. What type of mortgage should you choose? Getting the right mortgage depends on your circumstances, but our comparison can help you: Find which types of mortgages are available to you.

Compare remortgage deals here. So long as you bear in mind that your mortgage rate may increase and have enough wiggle room in your budget to accommodate fluctuations in your monthly mortgage repayments, then a variable rate mortgage may be a good option for you. SVRs are usually far higher than anything else on the market and are typically what a borrower reverts to once an initial fixed or discounted rate period ends, which is why remortgaging should always be considered at the end of such a period. This type of mortgage might be an option for those with a decent savings pot who are unimpressed by the current rates of savings interest on offer.

Depending on the state of the savings market, and the deal you can get on an offset mortgage, this might reduce your repayments by a greater amount than you would otherwise have been able to earn in savings interest. Always compare mortgage rates across the whole market before deciding, as rates may be less competitive in this sector due to its lower profile. Loan-to-value LTV refers to the ratio between the amount you borrow the loan and the value of the property you are mortgaging or remortgaging. LTV is expressed as a percentage.

The deposit you must put down, or equity you already have in your home, plays a crucial part in the best mortgage deals you can get. The higher the mortgage in relation to the value or purchase price of your home LTV , the greater the risk to the mortgage lender. The greater the risk to the mortgage lender, the higher the rate you'll pay. You'll see that the mortgages in our comparison chart all state a maximum LTV; this is the highest possible proportion of borrowing against property price or value that you can have on that mortgage.

Once you know what you want and what is available to you, you can start the application process. This is where remortgaging comes in. However, this may be worth it if you can significantly reduce your mortgage repayments in the process. As providers are taking on extra risk by lending at such a high LTV, the rates on offer cannot be considered the best mortgage rates available, but they can be a lifesaver for those looking to buy their first property.

Buy-to-let BTL mortgages are a specialist type of mortgage for those who are or want to be landlords. Looking for the best mortgage rates?

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Our mortgage comparison tables give you an instant overview of the top deals from the best mortgage lenders in the market. When deciding how to pay for your mortgage, you generally have one of two options — you can apply for an interest-only deal or opt for full repayment. You may even be able to shorten your mortgage term if you make overpayments, which will also reduce the amount of interest you pay. You will have to come up with a lump sum to pay off your outstanding mortgage debt. Many people once banked on rising house prices to help them do that — they were hoping to sell their home at a higher price than when they first bought it, which would have theoretically covered their mortgage.

Similarly, others banked on pensions, endowment funds or savings, but poor investment returns left many far short of the sum needed. Conversely, a longer-term mortgage will reduce the monthly payments, but means you pay more overall, as interest will be charged for a longer period. Remember, too, that if you find you can pay more, you may be able to make overpayments that can reduce your mortgage term. Most fixed and even some tracker rates apply for an initial period, typically two, three or five years, but could be longer. Shorter introductory mortgage rates might be attractive, but remember that the shorter your initial term, the more times you'll need to remortgage, potentially paying mortgage fees each time.

It all comes down to which possibility works best for you. Our mortgage calculator helps you to see how much your mortgage might cost you each month.

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Our how much can I borrow calculator gives you a range of how much a lender might consider lending you under a mortgage. Read our How much can I borrow for a mortgage guide to find out more about what can impact your potential sum of borrowing. There are several reasons you might consider using a mortgage broker or mortgage adviser, not least because it can transition the stress of finding the best mortgage onto a third party. However, the most compelling reasons to use a mortgage broker are that you have more legal protection if you are mis-sold a mortgage, and your broker will most likely be more qualified to find a mortgage than you are.

A less obvious choice is that between a fixed and a variable rate mortgage. Sometimes, it may be that fixed mortgage rates are particularly high, in which case it would be better to opt for a variable rate deal that may even decrease. Aside from scouring the best rate tables for the top rates and comparing the best fixed and variable mortgages, borrowers may also want to look at who is providing the best mortgage deals.

Sometimes, a challenger is a lot more eager to sign people up and will offer better deals as a result. To make a fully informed decision, look not just at the rate and the term, but also how much it will cost upfront in mortgage fees, whether the lender will allow you to remortgage if rates become lower in the future, and anything else that you find important. Check your credit score. A vital aspect of applying for a mortgage, which people can choose to ignore at their own peril, is a credit rating.

As part of the mortgage application process, your chosen lender will run a credit check on you and whoever else you may be buying the property with. If you click on the details link of any top mortgage deal, you will see not only what arrangement fee you will have to pay for that mortgage, but you may also find some extra incentives that can offset any upfront costs, such as cashback, free legal fees and a free valuation.